Investigations and Dispute

We provide our clients intelligence by collecting information and evidence for them, analyzing it professionally and assisting them in dealing with conflicts and supporting litigation. We are collecting for our customers critical “game changer” intelligence which save them a lot of money and helps them achieve their goal as they defined it

  • We offer complete support to the legal team, gathering information and using different investigations methods to provide evidence and proof as well as locating witnesses that could help support our clients’ case
  • We analyze the problem through the perspective of security personnel with rich experience in solving complex problems
  • We have special experts who best analyze the internal and external information, helping our client building strategy for complex situations
  • Our team of professionals use special and sophisticated skills and technologies, helping the legal team establish evidential foundation of the cases, including, identifying, and locating potential witnesses, fraud investigations, asset tracking and enforcement support
  • We help our clients reach their most important decisions through thorough analysis and intelligence gathering
  • we perform investigations that are aimed to save cost and shorten dispute time, investigations that are aimed to locate and recover missing funds and assets
  • We arm decision makers with a broader picture and understanding of their surroundings and themselves

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