About Us

Sabra Intelligence Solutions is an Israeli company established by Israeli security/intelligence veterans. Sabra provides wide range of intelligence solutions and consulting to organizations and individuals.

Sabra providing tailor made services to various clients (institutional/business/ private) worldwide, with maximum flexibility and adjustment of the service in accordance with the client’s needs.

When evaluating an important deal, or when sued, intelligence gathering is crucial for ensuring a successful transaction. We help our clients understand the field in which they operate and the changes that are occurring around them, so they are able to prepare in advance, seize opportunities and protect themselves

The companies’ teams have rich operational experience and acquaintance with some of the most, advanced practices worldwide. All the company teams have been trained in special combat/intelligence units and have a background in security due to filling classified intelligence positions in the IDF, Israel Police and Prime Minister’s Office and have extensive experience in operations

Sabra has international connections in several countries with the ability to get closure and bring high quality and fast results to the customer. We are in close contact with agents, lawyers, and veterans around the world
We commit to devising “out of the box” solutions.

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