Jewish Communities
Nonprofit Projects

Sabra Intelligence Solutions aims to help every Jew around the world who faces anti-Semitism, Facilitate Jewish life by protecting Jews from the dangers of antisemitism, and antisemitic terrorism in particular, at cost prices for non-profit purposes and all out of “אַהֲבַת יִשְׂרָאֵל and a commitment to our brothers in the Diaspora

  • SABRA helps Jewish communal organizations to prepare their own crisis management plans for use in major incidents, whether terrorism related, or caused by any circumstance. This, among other things, by preparing a “structure file” that prepares the people in the synagogue / Chabad house / community center used by the Jewish community
  • SABRA’s Security Enhancement Project improves security facilities, such as CCTV systems, fencing, anti-shatter window film, locks and alarms, at hundreds of Jewish buildings across the world. We provide advice and guidance to schools, synagogues and communal buildings, assisting them with continually improving and evolving their physical security
  • As part of the service that Sabra provides to Jewish communities, we provide advice and guidance on how a community can defend itself with a minimum of outside assistance

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