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Training Division

At Sabra Intelligence Solutions, we offer you the benefits derived from our vast collective knowledge and experience in law enforcement operations. Our specialty is ensuring that your forces are trained to the highest organizational, logistical and operational levels. Utilizing the most advanced training methods carried out at our law enforcement schools. in our courses, our expert instructors will instruct your units in the implementation of cutting edge Intelligence abilities. We will prepare your forces for routine operations as well as emergency situations. If those forces don't yet exist, then we will show you how to set them up.

Surveillance setting up and optimizing undercover surveillance units

• Setting up surveillance units in countries or departments lacking the required knowledge:
The company provides counseling, guidance and training services for setting up and training surveillance units. These include assistance in finding qualified applicants and conducting tryouts; construction of training courses, lectures, and practices; and guidance of the unit until it reaches independent functioning.

• Trainings and advanced studies for existent surveillance units, with an emphasis on improving administrative and operational capacities:
The process is specifically adapted for each unit and carried out after a comprehensive review of the unit and its components is conducted by a project director (a retired surveillance officer). The optimization's emphasis will be the improvement of administrative and operational aspects that will maximize the unit's intelligence output. At the end of the process, a detailed report including suggestions and recommendations to further optimize the unit will be written.

• Training and optimizing surveillance skills for security forces which are not undercover by definition but are required to perform surveillances as part of their work (detective, patrol etc.)

Counseling, optimizing interrogation methods and investigation

We provide counseling and training services for government officials who have investigation systems concerning questioning, interrogating and deciphering. Also, this product is intended for business entities in need of information security and corporate spying prevention systems.

Cyber systems adaptation and assimilation

In the world of cyber now days governments and agencies have a vast range of choices
Hardware and software manufacturers around the world offering basically the same tool box .
Few companies are offering the knowledge how to select the tool characterize it ,
integrate a set of tools and train the personal to maximize the outcome.

Our experience and expertise is exactly that.
Operating in Europe, US, the Middle East and other regions around the world.

Offering the highest level of instructions and long term follow up .

Complementary products – turn key projects

Our company focuses on delivering fully customized turnkey solutions maintaining the highest standards, including equipment, technical solutions, cyber warfare, tactical drone training, personal protection and more. The fitting and the customization of the products is made after the characterization of the needs and the budget of the customer.