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Operational Division

Our operational division specializes in providing surveillance services, surveillance detection services, escrows, VIP protection and creating contact for business/privet needs.

Managing surveillance teams

The company provides the operational service of professional surveillance teams. This includes carrying out sensitive surveillance jobs that require the balance between operation efficiency and information expansion according to the client's demand.

Surveillance detection

This service is designed for a wide variety of people, inter alia, businessmen, public figures, diamond merchants, celebrities, traders, etc. For example, this service is relevant for people carrying sensitive information or documents, or valuable assets (e.g., diamonds); people who are concerned that due to their job, their business opponents would want to collect personal or business data about them; and so on. In addition, this service is relevant for the prevention of data collection for corporate spying purposes; and enables, besides detection of the surveillance, to trace the people who requested the surveillance service.

Supplying absolute certainty if there is surveillance activity after the client.

If surveillance activity has been exposed:
1. conducting a test to find indication if there is technological monitoring of the client's mobile phone.
2. A possibility to order surveillance services to track after the trackers and collect information (addresses, license number, pictures).
3. Any information that regular security team cannot achieve, our intelligence abilities can supply


Transportation of baggage inside state borders and outside of them and caching it in different locations on the globe.

 Security quality control

Undercover ability tests which examine bodyguard's professionality and abilities.
This test includes observing, in real time, on the bodyguards, which have been hired to protect from all kinds of threats (attacks, assassins, Intelligence gathering etc.').

We are...
1. Conducting test to examine the quality of the security and the professionalism of the security guards.
2. Checking whether the security team can supply the security services that required
3. Detecting security vulnerabilities
4. Recommendation regarding the continued employment of the security company and recommendation to improve the performance of the security team

Creating contact in the "Random encounter" method

Creation of contacts for business needs: Assistance in legal proceedings, prevention of corporate spying and information leakage, and prevention of corporate headhunting - all of which are carried out with the guidance and consultation of a law firm.

As a part of this domain, we suggest the "Random encounter" service which includes having a surveillance team tail a person in order to study their daily routine and create "natural" circumstances for a so-called "random encounter" with the client. This entails the production of an event for all intents and purposes; an event which is produced very creatively so that the person is not able to realize that it was orchestrated for specific intentions.