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At Sabra Intelligence Solutions, we are proud to share our extensive expertise and knowledge to assist our clients in attaining their operational goals. Within the realm of Intelligence each member of the Sabra Team, has a proven track record in his or her specific field.

Islamic culture for law enforcement agencies

What do we really know about the Muslim clerics (الامام) their judges (القاضي) the village leader? (الشيخ) How to speak with a woman in the Islamic society (شرف العائلة) and may we do that as policemen? What do we know about what is allowed and forbidden in the mosques (المسجد) , how to behave in a Muslim home (العادات والتقاليد) and do we understand the meaning of shaving a beard and paying debt and their direct connection to terrorism (الجهاد في سبيل الله)
In a society in which honor is a primary motivator, have we ever considered how we can create friendly relationships with the Muslim community? Who controls the people and who should we have contact with?
These questions and many other get answers in our workshop

Our workshop objectives:
Receive the basic knowledge and tools for dealing with Muslim community. Get to know the culture and the customs and their proper use to improve your relationship with the Muslim community in order to recognize signs of religious extremism and incitement.
Our experts
Our experts have had many years of accumulated experience in dealing with the Muslim populations in Israel, the west bank and Gaza strip. The workshop is delivered by a former human intelligence operational officer in the ISA (Israeli Secret Agency) with vast experience in this specialized field.
We are here to help you make your community safer and to ensure that you won't make any critical mistakes!

Arabic language and Islamic culture studies for law enforcement

As part of Arabic studies, the company provides several levels of courses:

1. Basic course - This course will assist law enforcement forces to contact with Arabic-speaking populations.

2. Advanced Course - During this course the participants will receive additional abilities in Arabic and various lectures about Arab and Islamic culture from the birth of Islam until today.

Our teachers have extensive instructional experience teaching law enforcement Arabic language and Islamic culture. All of them are Veterans of various security systems in Israel.

Recruiting and activating field agents

Human Intelligence is an intelligence method specializes in collecting information from people, i.e., from agents and collaborators, through their recruitment and operation in confidential ways.
Activity in front of the agent is carried out in two stages:
On the first stage - recruitment: A process that during in its course, the person who eventually has to agree to report and carry out operational activities is being contacted. The hope is to succeed to recruit agents who are able to penetrate the centers of decision making and connect with the adversary's senior ranks.

The second stage - running the agent: His main aim is to present specific questions in order to get information, warnings, bombing intentions and even economic information about the adversary.
This training includes improving and assimilation of methods for recruiters and operators' officers for government officials.
Agents recruitment and operation is a complex and difficult craft. With us, you will get the tools for success.