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Sabra intelligence solutions is an Israeli company established by Israeli security/intelligence veteran. Sabra provides wide range of security and intelligence solutions, consulting and professional training to intelligence and law enforcement agencies, governmental and privet organizations.

The company teams have rich operational experience and acquaintance with some of the most, advanced practices worldwide. All of the company teams have been trained in special combat/intelligence units and have a background in security from filling classified intelligence positions in the IDF, Israel Police and Prime Minister’s Office and have extensive experience in operations and trainings.

The company specializes in providing the services to various (institutional/business/private) clients worldwide, with maximum flexibility and adjustment of the service in accordance with the client’s needs and with the option to perform the trainings in client owned training areas abroad. Training services are performed with the integration of theoretic background, practical training, and real-life simulations; and include availability and solutions on our part even after the project is done.